Nowadays, customers have an infinite range of firms and products to choose from. They can make their purchases themselves directly or they can hire services through a host of channels, such as mobile Apps or the web. It is not enough any more to provide a good service; one has to improve one's relationships with customers to detect their needs and improve one's brand image.

At Seidor, we offer the best technological tools to optimise the customer service experience and ensure that business processes achieve excellence, giving you the capability to capture customers effectively or sell through the Internet securely.

The SAP solutions suite for managing the customer relationship and sales channels provides specific solutions for managing business agreements, points of sale and call centres, B2B and B2C portals as well as electronic billing.

With all of these we can cover the full cycle of the relationship between the company and the customer, improving knowledge on market trends, purchasing behaviour and the performance of the different sales channels.

value proposition

better results


Obtain higher returns by capturing and retaining customers more effectively



Sell on the Internet to both regular customers and end users 

market knowledge


Shorten product launch times thanks to a greater knowledge of the market


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