In the next 20 years, the potential market of pupils between the ages of 3 and 16 will reach 1 billion worldwide. Recruiting these new generations, born into a digital world, will trigger profound changes in the way of teaching and learning at all levels: primary, secondary, tertiary and at the corporate level as well.

S2Learn offers a suite of solutions and services to improve teaching and learning processes, as well as to support training management and the education system so they can adapt to the new digital age.


  • Technological consulting at the university and learning levels.
  • Development of mobile technologies to strengthen m-learning.
  • Adaptation and development of academic management systems and virtual learning environments.

education sectors

school 2.0


Integrated knowledge from government and corporate applications that manage education departments and integrate them with the technological and organisational needs of schools and colleges

universities and business schools


Improvement in the processes of recruiting, welcoming, tracking and retaining students in accordance with new digital trends: a new learning experience

corporate university


New generations expect to find the right digital media to perform their roles and for personal growth in companies through an interactive learning experience

value proposition

integrated management


Manage all educational processes through technology and integrate them into the organisation’s overall strategy



Retain customers via marketing strategies through online training and the creation of communities



Improve the efficiency of management processes and learning

boost productivity


Increase staff productivity and motivation



Improve corporate talent-spotting by combining analytics stemming from the learning process


  • Consultancy for the improvement of learning processes using e-learning technology and platforms
  • Applications development services with a high functional expertise in teaching and learning processes and academic management
  • Functional and technological consulting for the implementation of e-learning platforms: Moodle, MoodleRooms and Blackboard
  • Moodle platform managed services in SaaS, Moodlerooms and Blackboard in Cloud mode
  • Implementation, customisation and development services for e-learning solutions based on Moodle, Moodlerooms and Blackboard


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